Saturday, October 05, 2013

Deserving it!

Ok, I totally deserve what happened to me today.  After making fun of my husband for being cold and wearing winter clothes, I'm talking dead of winter clothes, after opening our windows and doors on an A-typical day in Texas where it was actually below 70 degree, I suppose I got what I deserved.

I went to the grocery store, my phone fell out of my purse somewhere along the way unbeknownst to me.  I had my dear husband use the "findmyphone" app, and it said it was still at the grocery story. YES, I was so happy...I retraced my steps like 5 times, and I ran into the same pretty little wine taster girl, who stood by the meat department.  ON the fifth go round My daughter finally asked her if she had seen a phone.

"No," she said, but she could hear a ring tone of some kind coming from somewhere close by but she wasn't sure where it was coming from.  I yelled a "hooray" and told her I should have talked to her sooner.  She reminded me that she asked me the last time I passed her, if I had lost a phone, Oh Yeah, I thought...What had I said back to her then, she reminded me again, "no thank you I don't drink."  What?  I had misunderstood her, she said, "did you lose a phone," and I thought she said, "Do you wanna try our Merlot?" What. A. Frigging idiot I am!  I remembered struggling to put a few packages of meat into one of those plastic bags to keep the drippings away, I ran over to the meat chest and under a metal grate was my phone!

Ya, my husband might sit in a cold house with the window open dressed like an Eskimo, complaining about being cold, but I am the queen of losing my phone in the most ridiculous places and not listening too great either, I'd say, in this case, we definitely deserve one another!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Has it really been over a year since I last posted anything?  Yes, yes it has.  Well, I guess it's time for me to repent and make amends.  Last post was about Comic-Con 2012.  Once again my family trekked through airports to arrive in San Diego for yet another Comic-Con adventure, the 2013 version.  We were much wiser this time around, and ya know it  just wasn't as much fun as last year.  Oh, we had a great time, mind you, but the adventure of discovering a new world was no longer there.  We knew the ropes and just segued robotically through the whole Con.
Again my husband got the biggest amount of Swag, and since G4 is no longer a network, my older son was able to become the best celebrity watcher and photo taker there was.  My other son was hanging out with a cute girl he met last year, and he was actually a normal human being this time around.  Our youngest gave up the cos-play to just go with me to artist and writer panels, which I enjoyed doing with her. Our oldest, well she spent a lot of time at NERD HQ, which is NOT part of Comic-Con, but has celebrity panels and fun giveaways much like the Con, but in a smaller scale.  She was able to see the cast from Doctor Who, and meet some cool peeps like Nathan Fillion, and the guy who runs the whole show, Zachary Levi, you know him, the voice of Eugene (Handsome thief) from Tangled, and CHUCK of course!  The one thing we did differently was stay at a hotel and ride a bus to the Con each day instead of staying at my brother's beach house (which we did after the Con was over) that was different and wasn't too bad, we got to meet more people that way, which is always entertaining and interesting.
I was able to see some cool writers, all YA of course and learn more about how to write.  But now, after our second year at this great big smorgasbord called Comic-Con, I think we'll give it a rest and find a new adventure.  Maybe it will be taking our third child up to college, that can be an adventure right?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comic-Con 2012

Wow, I totally stink at updating my blog!

I blame school and lack of time, but really I've just been too busy with life to think about what to write and blog about.  I do finally have something worth mentioning though.  I went to the San Diego Comic-Con this year here, it was THE most fun I've had in a long time!  There's something for everyone there, literally!  I took my whole family.  We all arrived and branched out to hit each of the thing we were interested in.  My oldest daughter went celebrity hunting, my oldest son hung around the G4 Channel booth and the gaming area, my 2nd son looked for YouTube celebs and both sons were on the prowl for hot cosplay chicks, and my youngest found her tribe with the "Homestuck" crew--don't ask me what "Homestuck" is, my daughter says it's too complicated, but if you like the Wiki on it is here.  Both my artistic kids(son #1 and daughter #2) hung around "artist alley" as well. My husband hit all the free-be lines and booths, and found all his favorite comics such as "The Tick" and we also found his favorite artist and video game creator Doug TenNapel, creator of "Earthworm Jim" and a very nice guy! The hubster brought home the most "swag" out of all of us!  He has a knack for it.

I had no rhyme or reason for where I headed or ended up, I really had no plan.  I looked at the schedule and just went where my feet lead me.  I ended up wandering around the Exhibit Hall, where I saw celebrities, artists, promoters, gamers, cosplayers, reporters, film crews, cameramen/women, and I soaked it all in and just observed it all.  I ended up at several literary panels, and a Deviant Art panel, where I was introduced to the creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Iron Giant, and Lilo and Stitch to name a few, it was a pleasant and happy accident!

One of my friend's I was texting at the time, asked me what it was like there, and all I could think to text back was, "A joyful mayhem!"  It was fun, exciting, and exhausting all at the same time.  I actually lost three pounds from all the walking I did!  That was a plus, especially since most people gain weight during vacation.  It was crowded, I think I got "beer-gut butted' at least a dozen times, and my foot, which was sore from a recent gym accident was stepped on numerous times, but all in all, it was a very enjoyable time.

There was this juxtaposition that couldn't go unnoticed though, there is no where I can think of where the definition of "celebrity" can be muted. I think of it as, "where celebrity and regular folk collide!"  Where else can you be taking a picture of someone (a "regular joe" in cossplay) dressed up like Chewbacca or Darth Vader, and miss someone, a real life celeb like Alan Tudyk or Zachary Levi who will walk right past you without you noticing until it's too late!

We got to live at my brother's beach house the whole time we were there, it was a bit far, the drive every day was about two hours coming and going, but worth it for the weather, views, and peace and quiet!  The general consensus among my family, we are going again, and we'll be better prepared for the next one! So, get ready cause we'll be going back in 2013 for more of the same, can't wait! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Farewell "All My Children"

Ok, it's silly really to be sad about a soap opera being cancelled, but this one has been around almost as long as I have!  This show once again has made me face my own mortaility!  This soap opera really defined my generation.  I was about seven or eight years old when All My Children first aired.  I remember my mom wanting to watch it to see what it was about, she liked the title of the show.  She was hooked after that, and I remember in the summer times when it was warm out, and no one wanted to do anything, sitting there with my mom and my sister in front of the TV watching to see what Erica Kane was plotting on about.  The best part of watching that show was watching my mother watch that show.  She would get so animated talking to the TV to convince one of the characters of the evils of another character.  Sometimes shaking her head in dismay or disgust.  It was great and I learned a lot about my mom!
We owned a black and white TV, and unbeknownst to me the first season or so of the show was filmed in black and white.  I remember wishing I could see all the elaborate sets and fashions in color, nice to know now all these years later, I wouldn't of had a choice.  When I got into high school the whole of summer was devoted to the soaps.  All My Children, One Life to LIve (also leaving the airwaves in January) and General Hospital.  YES, I was one of those crazy people who watched the continuing saga and adventures of Luke and Laura even getting emotional when the Christopher Cross song, "Think of Laura" would come on the radio!  I  literally cried thinking of Laura losing Luke and Luke losing Laura.  I get sad thinking about it even now.  What a great love story!  I didn't stop there, I also watched the NBC soap of Days of Our Lives, who can forget the title sequence, and McDonald Carry's voiceover saying, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives...." cue schmaltzy music!  His voice is still there in the opener of that show.  Ok, maybe my children's generation doesn't know it, or remember it, or where they've heard it, but they've definitely heard it. I even watched CBS's offerings of The Guiding Light and The Young and The Restless, also another one with a great soap opera opening theme here!
How can we forget all the wonderful, silly, gory, outrageous storylines.  Does anyone remember the one where one of the characters dies and goes to heaven and meets all the other characters they killed off the show over the years?  Wait, was that One Life to Live?  Anyway, there is always that evil and good twin who reeks havoc on the unsuspecting citizens of Pine Valley!  Anyone?  The Chandler's!!  I love the Chandler's cuz hey they are my name sake.  My maiden name is Chandler, so anyone with the last name of Chandler ruled in my book.  David Cannery  was brilliant as Adam and Stuart Chandler, changing his persona on a dime.  Not to mention he wasn't too bad to look at. Soap opera actors are truly the best in the business, learning all those pages of dialogue a day, and just keeping up with their own story lines, it's gotta be tough and takes a real pro to pull it off!
The glue of course that held it all together besides Agnes Nixon the creator, was Susan Lucci, she was the icing on the cake, the cream in the coffee, THE soap opera character of the century!  Her antics, both good and evil, funny, serious, and her many marriages and last names will go on infamy.  She was soap opera's version of Scarlet O'Hara.  Hopefully she'll live on to fight another day, just not on ABC or network television.
I'm over soap operas now, they seem so silly and contrived to me at my age, but as a young girl they were the perfect escapism and fun.  A wonderful and rich fantasy that came into our homes daily if we let them.  It's sad that out of almost 10 soap operas airing a decade ago, only four are left.  With Internet, the forum for TV show watching definitely has changed. Computers, NetFlix, Hulu have changed the way we watch TV.  I, myself watch a lot of Hulu from my computer and iPhone to catch up on my favorite shows.  Hopefully soap operas will find this new technology and venue lucrative to keep their dreams alive.  I for one hope so.  We just have to see how Erica will get out of this one!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Tanner Christmas News Letter! 2010

Well I decided with the new technology out there, what with email, and blogging, and all...that I would do away with the "cheesy" Christmas newsletter in the Holiday cards I send to people.  I decided if they want to read up on me and my family they can go ahead and click on the link! :)  and...if they don't want to,  HEY...they don't have to!  Brilliant, right!?  Better than thinking they throw away that expensive stationary I spent minutes deciding on at my last trek to Staples, right after they open the envelope.

I sent some Christmas cards out, but just to family.  Everyone else, I will only send out to those who send  to me.  Kind of selfish, I know.  This was probably not the most fruitful of avenues, it has backfired a bit.  Everyone knows by now the more cards you send out the more you will receive.  Here it is Dec. 13th already and I have four cards up on the inside of my front door (the traditional place we put them every year) One is from my employer and the other is from our insurance agent.  SO, looks like I'm gonna have to send out a few more to receive more, so we don't look so pathetic and friendless!

So, without further ado, if you choose to read on beyond this's what you need to know about the Tanner Clan for 2010...

Mattie our oldest (24) is attending the University of Dallas, pursuing her Master's Degree in Emerging Media and Communications.  She hopes to be done in two more semesters, and we hope she'll move out then. Heh, heh.  Actually, we love having her home, she's a great help with her little brother and sister and is an excellent cook, guess it's skips a generation?  She's a hard worker and takes her job and church calling seriously, she started out a Sunday School teacher, then had a brief stint as the employment specialist, now she's the Relief Society Secretary!

Cameron: #1 son and child number 2 is in his sophomore year of college, attending Utah State University, in Logan, Utah majoring in Graphic Design and 3D animation.  He's an excellent artist and it shows in his drawings and paintings.  Dave just hopes he can find a job when he graduates!  He turned 20 in November (weird to have a second child hit that age!)  He works at a place called "Hastings" it's much like BlockBuster's.  He is serving on the Activities committee right now and has confessed he just shows up and does what they tell him to do.  Which is what every committee chair wants in a member!

Caulin: #2 son and 3rd child.  Is very busy these days, he will turn 15 in January, and is a Freshman in High School.  He's active in the band playing the percussion.  He is a "Pit" member during marching season and is hoping to get on the quad drums come next year.  He's full of energy and is always thumping/drumming on everything and trying new and innovative ways to entertain himself and his friends.  He's on several websites including Tumblr (A blog site), and several others including YouTube.  He's a very "connected" kid!  He was just called to be the Secretary of the Teacher's Quorum at church.  Hmm, I see a pattern here! (Mattie and he both are secretaries.)

Marin: Child #4 and our sweet little baby is a baby no more!  She turned 13 in October, she is an official teenager!  She plays the flute in band and is a straight A student!  She is in two Honors classes and is going to add another one next year.  She's one bright kiddo and funny too.  She is another budding artist in our family, she loves to draw and when she isn't playing her flute, or texting friends, she is usually found drawing and coloring something!

Dave: After 18 years with Nortel, Dave moved over to the company called GenBand.  He was made a manager and is busy working.  He still loves to bicycle and enters races when he can.  He did the "Hotter-n-hell" 100 again this year, but sadly wasn't able to complete it this time around, it was really hot temperature wise, he made it to the 80 mile marker before passing out.  He hit the big 5 0 this year.  So that could be why he passed out, OLD AGE!  He still serves as the ScoutMaster for our ward.  He also received his MBA last January.

Lari: Hasn't been able to write much since getting back into school.  I have one year under my belt and have another year to go before I receive my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.  What I plan to do with that degree?  Your guess is as good as mine!  I'm still looking at all my options, which are numerous, when I figure it out I'll let you all know!  I still work part-time at Forest Labs and enjoy it, it's the best job ever!
My sweet, beautiful mother passed away this summer, and so that's been an adjustment, I miss her every day. After serving as the Relief Society Secretary for close to a year (see the pattern again), I was released so that I could focus on my studies at school.  What can I say, I've never been much of  a multi-tasker!  I'm loving school and am enjoying all the learning I'm doing!

Sorry if this was long and cheesy, but hey...that's what Christmas newsletters are for!  We hope you and yours are doing well this year and are happy and healthy always!  With my mom's passing I am ever more aware of how precious life can be. The older I get the more I have learned to cherish every day I have with my sweety and my wonderful kids. How grateful I am for the birth of our Savior and for his ultimate sacrifice.

God bless you all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Tanner's

Friday, November 26, 2010

The 80's and why I love that era...

Ok, so I have to talk about the 80's. With Thanksgiving holidays moving on, we as a family started watching TV to pass the time. The movie, "Tootsie" came on, my kids had never seen it, so of course I made them watch it with me. I became a young adult in the 80's, I graduated from high school in 1980, got married in 1983 and had my first child in 1986! So the 80's mean a lot to me, and the movies of that time reflect that for me.
I'd forgotten how clever and funny the movie "Tootsie" was! What I loved the most was the music and then it hit me, 80's movies had a certain type of music that truly identifies it with that era. Listen to this "Tootsie" (1982) soundtrack, here. Another movie that also has that similar jazzy, saxaphone, Kenny G, type of sound is "Romancing the Stone" (1984) here, pretty similar right? How about "Mister Mom"(1983)which came out six months after my husband and I got married... here, can you hear the saxphone in the background!? How about "Splash" (1984) here, yet another classy saxaphone instrumental!! If you haven't seen these movies yet, I highly suggest you watch them. They are funny, romantic, and just plain good!
Here's a list of the top 100 movies from the 80's, here, not all the ones I mentioned here are on that list, but they are still good and stand the test of time.  I dare you to check out the soundtracks and see for yourselves.
I guess the 80's for me is what the 50's were for our parents, a time of innocense and fun. The romantic comedies reflected the era of the 80's very well for me. I become nostalgic when listening and watching the movies and sounds of that time. I'm sure my kids will look at the 2000's as their time of reflection, an age of innocence for them, maybe, but it's hard from me to fathom, when I still see them as so young!

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the 80's on me, and let me know if you agree, oh and if you don't no need to comment. :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lines, and why I'm beginning to resent them...

Ok, so I noticed that the last few blogs were about me getting older and facing my mortality...but as I am getting older I am beginning to wonder, is my patience running thin too? Maybe just a little.

Take today for instance-it started out pretty normal. I got up, tried a new workout routine, (my shoulders are killing me now by the way), showered, then went and met my husband for lunch. We talked and enjoyed our meal together, we finished and he went back to work. I decided that I'd go to my favorite department store, where I have been frequenting because I can fit into their smaller sized clothing, yay! I've lost about 30 lbs., so this is my new favorite place, I don't have to shop in the PLUS department anymore and this store just validates me in a way that makes me feel good about myself!

So, I went in, found what I wanted and got in a line at the checkout counter. There was only one line and about 5 people waiting in it, me being #3, Now, when I walked in several of the employees were congregated in the middle of the store, looking like they were having an employee meeting, or shift change perhaps? Anyway, there was only one person at the register. The cashier called for help and this group of employees fanned out and two more people came up to open registers. One employee yelled,

"I can help the next person here!" while waving his hand.

So I b-lined it over there. 'Yes,' I thought...I was first now, he welcomed me and then the unthinkable happened! The other cashier who was alone for a while, waved at him and told him that the lady behind me was next! What!? She was apparantly #2 in line! But, I got here first darn it! Fine, fine, FINE!

So, he apologized and asked me to step back to ring this other lady up. I was happy to oblige, she was before me after all, So by now there were three registers open and about 2 people in each line. The lady who was #2 had a lot of stuff, and several of her items, marked "clearance", were missing price tags. 'Oh, great' I gotta wait some more...'Hmm...I wonder if there's a bathroom near by, I'm starting to feel like I should have gone after lunch.'

The cashier can't find the sticker so he calls over another worker to help him...'great again' I think, 'if he'd have rang me up first, I'd be done now and outta here, but NoooOOOO...'

While this is going on, some woman, who looked to be in her late 50's, dressed in tight skinny jeans, with high heels and bleached blonde hair, way too much make-up, wearing glasses as thick as coke bottles comes up behind me and says...

"Excuse me, I really am in a rush, I have to get these pants for my daughter (she holds up black spandex leggings) and she needs them now and I'm late for a funeral, so can I get one of you to ring me up, like, NOW!" She looks at me longingly as if to ask for my understanding...I had none to give.

Seriously...I thought...and then I said it outloud for everyone to hear,


I didn't mean for it to come out but it did and she answered me back,

"Yes seriously, I have got to go, I wouldn't lie about this!"

I looked at her in disbelief, I shook my head and just smirked, and said, "Whatever."

She then proceeded to tell me again how she wouldn't lie about somthing like that and her daughter had just called her to tell she needed those pants right away! I wondered who her daughter was, was she a kid in high school, cause if it had been my kid I would have told her to suffer!

I was in a hurry too, I needed to relieve myself and pretty darn quick or else the line I was in was going to swim to the cashier! I wanted to tell her this, I had a justifiable reason for being first. I think going to the bathroom take precidence over being late for a funeral, don't you?

So the gentleman that was helping the cashier with customer #2 says, "I can help someone over here..." while he is looking at the coke bottle glasses.

Of course the lady, dressed 20 years younger than she should have, (and why would she wear tight skinny jeans to a funeral anyway, that did not make any sense to me), ran straight to him...I decided I had to move to another line, Lady #2 was no where near being done, and crazy lady trumped my needing to pee.

So I finally get up to the register and the cashier says,

"So how are you doing today maam??"

Wrong thing to ask me at that moment, I say something I don't ever say..."I'm pissed that's how I'm doing!"

She apologized, and I told her it wasn't her fault, and I went into this diatribe about how it just must not have been my day for waiting in line, the nerve of some people, etc.

Then the "coke bottle eyes" has the nerve to turn to me as she's leaving and says, "Thank you maam for understanding."

'Seriously!' I thought again, but I didn't say it outloud that time. I just nodded and waved her off. I wanted to say 'Go away, get to your funeral and hope those spandex pants are the wrong size and that you have to come back and wait in line!'

I'm normally an easy going person, not much gets me upset, well besides my kids and my husband. I normally don't mind waiting in line, it's something that is a given in life. No matter where you go, you'll end up waiting in a line, at the grocery store, at meals, at school, at work, at the amusement park, etc. It's something I normally don't really get upset about. So, why today? I don't know. I keep thinking I'm turning into an old cranky lady! Does this have to do with age, I thought I was gaining patience, not losing it! Maybe my blood sugar was just low, I did feel a little clammy when she turned to thank me, or maybe I was just bothered by it. Who knows, but I'll try to be better about being patient.

The great news, the pants I didn't try on before I bought them fit perfectly, so I guess it was worth waiting in line for afterall!